June 13, 2009 - The Weenie Dog Races at Holy Cross Abbey, Canon City, Colorado
Our first time showing off six-month-old Sparky and Splendor in public, and they behaved wonderfully! Splendor even finished her race - Sparky didn't.
We don't know who any of these folks were, but we all had a great time playing with our weenie-dogs!
Both pics, Splendor, left - Sparky, right. Over here, in costume...
This was a week after Sparky took First Place in his puppy class at the Colorado Springs Kennel Club dog show - even through his costume, you can see why!
Splendor makes a new friend...
Winner (of course!) of the Cutest Weenie contest. Nobody else stood a chance!
Loading the racers into the chutes....
Ooooooh.... a little more to the left, please!
And they're off! Smokey Joe leads by a length, but Black Sausage is coming up fast! The rest are slow coming out of the chutes! GO WEENIES!!!
Every boy needs a little weenie!
Are we a matched set, or what?!
"A great time was had by all"...... Now that we know how it's done, we're looking forward to THIS year's races! It's pretty neat, too, to see all the dachshunds - who knew there were this many in our area?! WOW! If you would like to participate, click on this link to print your own entry form, and maybe we'll see you and your doxie(s) at the Hot Diggity Weenie Dog Race in Canon City on June 12, 2010!


                                WE WERE PARTICIPANTS IN THE 2010 WEENIE DOG RACES, JUNE 12TH!

The Hot Diggity Weeniedog Races in Canon City this year were a soggy mess, held on June 12th in pouring rain, but "great fun was had by all" anyway. Ringside watchers were stacked like cordwood, avidly cheering their favorites. The bedraggled participants were confused by the weather, but a determined few made the dash for the finish line in wonderful style, then were tucked inside their owners' jackets to warm up.

This year's racers were rewarded with green-satin Participant ribbons, bronze, silver and gold medals in the Puppy, Adult and Senior Classes, and a gorgeous Best of Winners cup. taken by the same red-dapple smoothcoat female who took first in the Puppy Class last year! Digital cameras, rain and a gloomy evening don't mix well, but we managed to get a few decent pictures of some of the activities, posted here to tempt MORE weeniedogs and their owners to join the fun next June.

For more information on the races and how to sign up your racer(s), visit the Fremont Community Foundation website in early May next year.
The starting gate, with racers staying warm and dry in their owner's coats.
Race participants crossing the finish line.
Another winner wiener crosses the finish line!
Barb S., with Rue and Harley. Rue won 1st place in her Adult race, taking the gold ribbon, and the trophy for overall Adult Winner. Her son, Harley, took 2nd place in the Puppy race. Another of her dogs, Max, took 3rd place in the Adults! Congratulations, Barb and her speedy wieners!
Our dog, Petunia, who took the 3rd place bronze medal in the Puppy Class race. She is now a mama and is still pretty speedy, but it's getting back to nurse her four pups! Here's her medal and participant's ribbon, below. Pretty neat, huh!
The Best of Winners, 2010, a greased-lightning-fast little gal who won the Best Puppy race in 2009. She didn't dawdle for an instant, but zipped out of the starting chute, flew down the field, and scooted across the finish line before most of the other dogs even knew the gate had been lifted. This will be the dog to beat from now on - her happy owner is planning to fill her trophy case with her winnings!

These are from assorted races, featuring dogs from Flickennel. Please note the DATES on each batch of race photos - they are not all from the same year.
Hot Diggity Weenie Dog Races
Saturday, May 31, 2014
​Veterans Park, Hwy. 50 W., Cañon City, Colorado

We took SECOND in both the costume contest and the puppy races -
​that's pretty good, considering how many dogs participated!

If you took some great pictures of your dog(s) and any other contestants that caught your eye, before, during and after the races, please email us the best ones, especially if your dog won or placed in any race - we'll post the pictures right here!​​ Tell us who you are, where you live (town & state), and whether your dog came from Flickennel or not. If you know when it was born and who its parents were, that would be great to know, too!
The Racer, Goldilocks
The Costumed Cutie
What he wore!