Hot Diggity Weenie Dog Races

Saturday, May 31, 2014, 6:30 p.m.

​Lindner Field, Holy Cross Abbey
3011 E. Hwy. 50​
Cañon City, Colorado

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Dog Entry Application

The Sixth Annual “Hot Diggity Weenie Dog Race” is held again in conjunction with the Royal Gorge Holy Smoke BBQ Showdown, pitting dashing dachshunds from all around the region in a 50-foot dash for glory! Entry fees for 2014 will again be $10 for the first pooch, and $5 per dog (from the same family) after that. We have three categories for dogs; 1.) Puppy Division - one year old and under, 2.) Adult Division - one year through seven years of age, and 3.) Senior Division - all those lovable old doxies that are older than seven years. The race will be held at 6:30 p.m. Saturday, May 31, on the former Abbey football field, following the awards ceremony for the BBQ Showdown. The previous races each attracted more than 50 dachshunds, and huge crowds always lined up around the perimeter to watch the action! The race is for dachshunds only, but dogs do not have to be AKC registered. Make sure you get there early, to get a good spot along the fence to watch the action! (Come REALLY early and enjoy the Holy Smoke BBQ Showdown - BE HUNGRY!!!)

There's also a doxie costume contest​​ before the races begin! Deck your doxie in the absolute cutest outfit you can dream up, and see if you win, place or show in the fashion contest!

Flickennel Dachshunds hope to be at the Hot Diggity Weenie Dog Races this year! Look for us, and if you've got'em, bring your Flickennel Dachshund(s) along to run in the age-appropriate race! Let's have LOTS of participation! Come see all the other Flickennel Dachshunds present - the race coordinator told us that nearly all the past participants have been from OUR kennel! There are prizes for the winners in each category, plus a Best of Winners Trophy!

​​Our first real competitor, in 2010, was Flicks Sweet Petunia Von Levi ML, handled by Becky Sewell. Petunia finished third in her race. The dog who won the Best of Winners trophy for the day had obviously run before: she streaked over the course and across the finish line as most of the other dogs were just finding their way out of the starting gate!

A word of advice - start training your dog NOW!!! Both Petunia and Becky were total newcomers to the world of weenie-dog racing, and were in no way ready​. To make a decent showing, at least, take note of the starting-gate set-up, the 50-foot race course, and the finish line. During training, if you can "compete" against at least one other dog (preferably several) at the same time, it will help a LOT! You'll have to have help from your friends and/or family to hold the dogs at the start, then more people at the finish line to call the dogs to them. Hey - practice at your local dog park, maybe set up a race track and have informal races each week against the neighborhood pooches! The 'professional' racing wiener-dogs at the New York State Fair even have low hurdles, and tunnels to run through! It's almost a steeplechase for dachshunds! It wouldn't hurt to keep yourself and your dog(s) in training - more and more wiener-dog races are being held, as they are very popular. You might be vacationing with your doxie somewhere and get to participate in a race.

Please be sure and READ THE ENTIRE ENTRY APPLICATION, if you intend to enter one or more of your dachshunds. All entries must be purebred dachshunds, but do not have to be AKC registered. (Line 3 of the instructions says 'AKA' but they meant 'AKC.')​
Petunia, Third Place, Puppy Division, 2010
You'd never know it was a chilly, drizzly day from the glowing face of the Best of Winners's very proud, very happy Mom!

Just think - this could be YOUR picture, if YOUR dog wins this year!!! And we DO want to see your pictures of the races, the winners, and YOUR dog(s) so we can post them on our Weeniedog Races page!​​
Our friend Barb and her happy winning weenies!
Crossing the finish line... It's a LOT harder than it looks, if you haven't done any pre-training!
The starting gate - individual chutes (the size of 5-gallon buckets without bottoms, with a chicken-wire panel across the front and a back-barricade so they can't get out the rear. This would be pretty easy to DIY so you could start your own weenie-dog races in your town!