Flicks Heide Von Woods was born February 25, 1992, so she has now passed her 17th birthday. We commemorated the milestone with shortcake and vanilla ice cream, and as you can see, the birthday lady was quite festive in her birthday hat - and VERY HAPPY with the special treatment. After all, one shouldn't achieve such an advanced age without SOME consideration! Heide has spent this cold winter in our nursery, the warmest place in the house, keeping company with the pregnant moms and mothers with puppies up to weaning age - they've evidently helped her "great-great-great-grandma's" body and mind stay young, because she scampered quite friskily all over the house during her party. It didn't take her long to devour her cake and ice cream, either! We thought you would like to see how FlicKennel's "grand old lady" enjoyed her evening, with a photo page devoted just to her.

Incidentally, Heide was spayed when she was five, and has been kept as a beloved family member ever since. We have a few "elderly" folks in our kennel who are no longer bred, but stay on as the honored and treasured retirees they are. This has been their only home, and we just can't bear to part with them!
At the first whiff of the delicious aroma of cake and ice cream, Heidi starting kicking and fussing for us to "let me HAVE it"! She didn't want to wait for the whole lit-candle and singing routine, so we obliged her - and figured it was safer, too!
"AAAH! Now THIS is more like it! Y'all gimme some ROOM and let me EAT!"
"Gimme that ice cream, before somebody gets HURT!"
"Oh yeah! THIS is the way to treat an old lady - and DON'T YOU FORGET IT!!!"
"I can't believe you only do this once a year! Since we dogs age faster than you humans, we oughta get a party at least every other week..."
"Um-nyum-yum-grf-nyum-YUM! Oh, boy-o-boy-o-boy..."
"All right! Who's the wise-guy ate all my ice cream and cake, and just left me these CRUMBS?!?! I WANT SOME MORE!!!
I AM gonna get some MORE, aren't I???"

UPDATE: Heide crossed the rainbow bridge to the great doggy birthday party on Sept. 26, 2009. Now she can have all the cake and ice cream she'll ever want. We will miss her greatly and love her forever.