Let's go find some neat stuff for and about dachshunds! Merchandise, e-cards and helpful information - even veterinary info - check it out! (Click on the link to open it in a new window.) If you know of other cool links we can use, email and let us know! If you find a link that's outdated and doesn't work, please inform us of that, too. Thanks!  (NEWEST LINKS ARE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE)

Having trouble finding the perfect card for a friend or relative who has a pet? Visit Petzooba, which is recommended by Dr. Jon at www.petplace.com. Build your own pet-related greeting cards and send them for FREE to anyone who has email!!! You can insert your own digital photos or portions of them (faces, animals, etc.) and totally customize the e-card. Click on the Petzooba link to build and send an e-card today!

There are some great stories and poems on the Internet that suggest one reason our canine friends are so full of unconditional love, is because GOD turned HIS name around and called these faithful creatures DOG, to remind us of how faithfully He loves us. When the whole world is crumbling around us, as it is now, and we begin to wonder about the reality of God and whether He truly does care about us and our suffering, we can take assurance not only from our precious pets who are always by our sides, trying to comfort us, but also from the precious promises He has given us in His wonderful Word.

Veterinary information YOU CAN AND SHOULD USE AT HOME!!!  http://www.theonlinevet.com/
This is material, diets and methods that may save your dog or cat's life, perhaps save you MANY trips to the vet, and WILL save you a TON of money! Dr. Jones is a Canadian vet who practices and promotes alternative medicine. As he says, poor people all over the world have been using alternative methods for themselves and their animals for thousands of years - they can't afford doctors, and these methods WORK. Check it out - he also says to still use your vet for things like check-ups, x-rays, life & death situations, etc., so he doesn't leave you taking total care of your pet - just being more able to cope with day-to-day things - and being prepared for emergencies!

Also check out www.petplace.com for MORE veterinary information YOU can use!

More veterinary information can be found at www.healthypet.com, in language we can ALL understand. Their FAQ list is really helpful in a very basic-overview format - I found out from it that one of my dogs probably died of hypertrophic heart failure instead of pneumonia, as I had thought - he experienced all the listed symptoms except fainting spells.

Also check out this information on dog vaccinations: http://www.news.wisc.edu/8413

The Dachshund's favorite Bible promise is Matthew 28:20 "Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo[w], I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen."
MORE free dog health and veterinary info is available at Veterinarian Dog!

Check it out today!
Flickennel - Dachshunds with ALTITUDE!!!
Visit Wienepedia.com to collect these informative and helpful books written by renowned dachshund expert, Lisa J. Emerson. Her site will soon feature an interactive portion and much, much more! When you order one or more of her books, would you do us a favor and let her know Flickennel sent you? She's tracking where her shoppers come from, and we'd like to know, too! Thank you!
Can't think of a really great name for your new Flickennel puppy? Try "Dog Names Woof!" and see what you come up with! Or, if you've already named yours, visit the same site, submit a good photo and the story of how and where you got your pup and what name you chose for it - we've had some really outstanding monikers given to our wonderful pups! Show off YOUR pride-and-joy Flickennel dachshund today!
For folks who prefer using "home remedies" for themselves and their pets, check out Earth Clinic! It's even ranked among the Top 10 Alternative Health Sites on the Net! What do you have to lose, except your health problems???
NOOO - you CAN'T be having another birthday!
Hope it's happy anyway!
How about a whole website dedicated to dogs, dog breeds, dog breeders, dog lovers - and everything related to dogs?! Check out DogChannel.com today - if you're checking out this page on OUR site, there's bound to be something THERE that fascinates you!
According to DogWork.com:

The dachshund is one of the oldest dog breeds in history (dating back to ancient Egypt.) The name comes from one of its earliest uses - hunting badgers. In German, Dachs means "badger," Hund is "[dog - not hound, as they say]."

Check out the rest of the site - it's all about dogs! - but c'mon back and check out the rest of Colorado's premier dachshund kennel, right here at Flickennel!!!
Get e-Sword, the world's most popular Bible software, and it's FREE!
GreatDogSite.com provides comprehensive, in-depth Dachshund information and covers over 700 breeds.
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When you're in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, be sure to visit the 3 Dachshunds Beer Company, or stop by City Lounge and have a sip of one of their beers, ales or root-beer!

City Lounge is located in Cudahy, WI
3455 East Layton Ave.
Good dental care is CRUCIAL to your Flickennel dachshund's good health, so be sure to check out Dental One Associates' page on caring for your dog's teeth (it also applies to cats). Thanks to customer Joan W. for finding & telling us about this site!
www.wiener-dog.com - We couldn't have named it any better ourselves! Check it out! 
And the GREATEST dachshund of all, CRUSOE, the Celebrity Dachshund! You absolutely MUST explore every nook and cranny of his fabulous website - see all the pictures and videos of this handsome, hilarious, brave, innovative, scintillating, nefarious, stalwart, fashionable and intrepid little dog and his eager admirers and minions!
SunFrog Shirts has a nice collection of shirts and hoodies for dachshund lovers - check them out at http://riibit.com/U9WC2QI
At Flickennel Dachshunds, we strive to do our level best to produce the friendliest, most loving little wienerdogs you could ever find, anywhere. I've just found a website that's been around for a while - the Dachshund Friendship Club! With pictures, messages and stories from dachshund owners everywhere, you'll be up to your eyeballs in your favorite long little doggies. Check it out today and make some new dachshund friends - or why not start a local chapter in your area!
Site visitor Brooke G. asked us to post links to Quitday.org, its Facebook page online community, and the American Lung Association, which encourage people to quit smoking - for their own sakes and for the sakes of their families and pets - they even have a link for people with pets who are subjected to their owners' substance abuse.  We are for anything that will help keep our beloved dachshunds healthier, and always hope they will go to smoke-free and caring homes. If you want help quitting the tobacco habit, please click on these links today!
We've been made aware of another awesome website that teaches pet owners (or occasional pet-sitters) how to keep their pets safe in and around their home. This Home Safety Guide for Pet Owners from Expertise.com is pretty comprehensive and we recommend that you read and bookmark it, then feel free to share it with your family and friends. You can even share it on Facebook and other social media websites - I just did!
Can't find the right gift for your dachshund-loving family member or friend? Check out teesareme.com's collection of dachshund-printed T-shirts, mugs, jewelry, stickers and other cool stuff!