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Between Janet Flick and ______________________________________________________ ("Buyer")

Buyer's Physical Address _____________________________________________________________

                                                                                                Buyer Cell Phone # (____)_____________
Buyer Email Address _______________________________Buyer Home Phone # (____)___________

10% Discount Given for Military or Senior Citizen over 65 (with valid ID) $_________________________

Non-refundable Deposit(s) Paid $______________________ Total Sale Price $___________________

On this day ________________________ Janet Flick agrees to sell the following Dachshund ("dog"):

Sex: ________________ Date Whelped: ________________ AKC # ___________________________

Color/Markings: _____________________________________________________________________

Dam: _____________________________________ AKC # __________________________________

Sire: _____________________________________ AKC # ___________________________________

How did you hear about us? ____________________________________________________________

Registration papers will either be given with the dog or be forwarded to the Buyer upon receipt from AKC if they are still being processed. It is understood at the time of sale that this dog is a representative of its breed and it is structurally and temperamentally suited for a companion or obedience dog.

Janet Flick, to the best of her knowledge, is selling you a healthy dog and is providing you with a health record containing the date and type of vaccinations and wormings already given. Pups will be up to date for their age, except for rabies, which must be given by a licensed veterinarian. Furthermore, she reserves the right not to sell any dog she feels is not an appropriate candidate for adoption.

It is recommended that a licensed veterinarian examine the dog during the first 72 hours from purchase. A
replacement dog, when one becomes available, will be given, upon return of the originally purchased dog, for any dog found unhealthy or unsatisfactory during the first 72 hours. Your veterinarian’s written statement of diagnosis, including a detailed description of all symptoms supporting that diagnosis, results of any tests performed, and the reason why he/she feels the dog is a poor health risk, must be presented at the time the dog is returned. If the Buyer does not take the dog for a check-up within 72 hours from the date of purchase, this warranty becomes null and void.

Janet Flick warrants this dog against laboratory diagnosed diseases in the following manner:
     1. Fourteen (14) days from the purchase for Canine Parvovirus.
     2. Fourteen (14) days from the purchase for Canine Distemper.
     3. Twelve (12) months from the date of purchase for a congenital defect, which would render the dog unsuitable as a companion pet with satisfactory quality of life.

In the event of an above-mentioned disease, which has been laboratory diagnosed within the warranty period, the Buyer must provide written certification from a licensed veterinarian and also the laboratory results confirming the diagnosis. Furthermore, if the Buyer has bought a young dog (“puppy”) that has not yet finished all of its vaccinations before being sold by Janet Flick, the Buyer must provide records from a licensed veterinarian showing that he/she has followed up on a timely basis with the puppy’s vaccinations.

In the event of the above mentioned (1), (2) or (3), the Buyer may ask for and receive another dog when one becomes available. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, but all payments are transferable to another dog from Flickennel. Quality of coat is not guaranteed.

Any female dog bought from Flickennel with full AKC registration may be brought back for breeding to one of our studs, for a pick-of-litter pup, or cash stud-fee to be paid by dog’s owner at time of service, with a 10% discount off the normal stud fee for that sire.


1. That Buyer will provide a safe and healthy home for this dog.
2. That Buyer will have this dog vaccinated and seen by a veterinarian on a regular schedule and ensure that the dog receives good medical treatment and care.
3. That Buyer is responsible for all veterinarian fees for the examination and/or treatment of the dog.
4. That there will be no obligation on the part of Janet Flick for the Buyer’s inability to show or breed the dog.
5. That UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will Buyer ever turn the dog over to a shelter or SPCA or abandon the dog. If you cannot provide a safe and healthy home, you are to return the dog to Janet Flick. Furthermore, Janet Flick will not be liable for any refund of the Total Sale Price.
6. That if Buyer purchased the dog solely as a companion pet, it has been recommended to Buyer that Buyer have the dog spayed or neutered at an age determined by your veterinarian, usually at 4-6 months of age. A companion pet will not be registered, which means that puppies from this dog will not be eligible for AKC papers.
7. Those cases of neglect, abuse, or obesity of the dog by Buyer (or any party in Buyer’s household or control) shall hereby cause the health warranty portion of this Sales Contract Agreement (“Agreement”) to be null and void.
8. In the unlikely event of litigation initiated by Buyer, Buyer will be responsible for paying all attorney's fees and all court costs. Any litigation to take place in Custer County.
9. By signing this document, buyer acknowledges receipt of a rabies-prevention information brochure and receipt of all medical records for this dog.

Special Provisions:



Buyer acknowledges that this written Agreement constitutes the entire Agreement regarding the health, condition, care and loss of the dog between the Buyer and Janet Flick and that he/she has relied on no oral representation contrary to this Agreement.

Janet Flick                                                                                                         Date Signed

Buyer's Signature                                                                                              Date Signed

Buyer's Signature                                                                                              Date Signed

(Form updated 4-19-2018)