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From Julie Horner-Blattel:

Thank you Janet for the invitation to visit your kennel. I was so pleased with your operation. The dogs were all exceptionally sweet and balanced with wonderful temperaments. Beautiful, beautiful dogs and all so very clean, healthy and enthusiastic little tail waggers! Lots of happy yipping for joy. Well done! Congratulations! Your hard work is evident. Your kennel is clearly guided through love and the gentle hands and sincere care of so many pleasant, competent and informed ladies on the staff. These little dogs even eat first class! Very efficiently organized and relaxed, happy ambiance. No wonder your dogs are so charming. We're very, very pleased with our pup. Very well socialized, incredibly accepting, sweet natured and fearless. Nothing bothers him. As a grand-daughter and great-granddaughter of the Fisher & Schwartzkopf (of cosmetics fame) kennels in Germany, I am very impressed with what Americans can accomplish with our German breeds. We will happily recommend your delightful dogs often. Thank you for your conscientious efforts. 

I wanted to add to your testimonial page! I am very pleased with my Sophia, from the first day she was very outgoing, curious about her new surrounding. She from day one thought she was a princess and still acts like one today.

I am very pleased with how well socialized she was with people; she doesn't know a stranger and that is very important when it comes to dachshunds. If not socialized, a dachshund can be quite a terror with strangers and almost impossible to try and socialize later.

She is six months and is just a gorgeous little girl and has everyone swooning over her in handling class. Laura even asked if she could show her (maybe she can later on, but I want to give her a try first). She moves gracefully and is very obedient and well mannered in public. In fact, the first class she went to she handled better than most of the adults! I am so excited to start showing her. Her daddy Romeo adores her! I sent you a pic of daddy and daughter Sophia.

Thank you,


Romeo and Sophia
Susan with Sophia, RJ (Romeo Jr.) and Juliet, 11-24-09. RJ and Juliet are still at Flickennel, makin' pretty babies!
From our guestbook: 8/19/2010, 10:51 am, MDT | Julie Sperry, D.V.M.

Despite belief by some people, this is NOT a puppy mill!!! All of the dogs are known by name without a name band on them. When you come to visit Flickennel, all the dogs come running in to the inside runs to be loved on and petted. I was involved with a poodle breeder who had a puppy mill. Those dogs all ran outside when a person entered the building. The dogs at Flickennel are well taken care of and loved. The females aren't bred until they are "used up" like the females at puppy mills. When their breeding life is done, Janet has them spayed and finds them forever homes. The retired females are not euthanized like at puppy mills. When I die, if I come back as a dachshund, I'd be more than happy to live at Flickennel, I know I'd have a good life!!!
Hi Everyone. Just wanted to give you an update on Zena (black/silver dapple) and Zeus (tan/brown dapple), puppies from Splendor and Dutch. They just turned 1 year old on 19 November. Zena was adopted by Bill and Tana H.; Zeus by Helen and Rick S. of Colorado Springs. Zena lives with her two adopted brothers (puddles) Nippy and Beau. She has really been a joy to our household. She lives up to her name as a warrior princess and keeps Beau active. Our Nippy is 15 so he sleeps a lot, but that is fine with Zena since she snuggles next to him.

Zeus shares his household with three adopted brothers (dachshunds), Helen’s daughter & grandson, son & daughter in law. He has had the joy of spending time in two houses (Helen’s and Courtney’s) since he came home to live with the S's. He does get to come see his sister most every weekend. Now that is a sight to behold. All the dogs have a great time chasing each other and playing.

Both dogs have been wonderful additions to our families. We thank you so much! Happy Holidays to Flick Kennel. You breed great and loving dogs.

Tana H. & Helen S.

Hello and Merry Christmas:

We just had to write to let you know how much we love our new puppy “Augie.” He was born on June 29th and we purchased him at 4 months old in Oct. Augie’s mom is “Buttercup”, an English cream and his dad is “Luke,” an English red. He is the prettiest color and has new longer hair coming in that is really light. He is so soft I can’t stop petting him!

Augie has a wonderful personality. He is so easy going and so friendly to everybody. We think he is the ideal puppy! He has been so easy to train – sometimes we can’t believe it. His “regal” personality really shines through. He sleeps every night with the bear we brought home from your kennel. Thank you so much for giving us a puppy that has already brought so much joy into our lives!!!

Joe and Betty K.
Hi there! Just thought I'd send you a picture of our beloved puppy Rhea and how well she's fit in with the rest of her dachshund family! She was born from Fawn and Sparky's January 2010 litter. When she was delivered to us in Colorado Springs, you had nick-named her "Tawny" because of her tawny coloring. She is nearly a year old and her coloring is beautiful! Even her little nose is still brown and black! This is the most gorgeous dachshund I have ever owned and when it's time to get our next dachshund, we will be back (our oldest dachshund is 10 years old).

Thank you so much for choosing to breed these two and our beautiful puppy Rhea (pronounced Ray-a)!!


We got our pup from you last April and just wanted to give you a quick update on him. [Oscar] has become the boss of our house and has so much personality. He was easy to train and is a delight to have around. Here is a picture from Halloween. Thanks for the little guy!

The Coddingtons
On 2/25/2011 9:04 AM, dariely z. wrote:

Hi Janet,

I just finished talking to you on the phone about putting a deposit down on Stormy's number two puppy. I didn't say much else knowing you're a very busy woman with the kennel.

It is not the first time I've bought a pup from you. I got my first little boy (Theodore) at Flickennel. He's a long haired chocolate and tan dapple with green eyes. We weren't sure if his eyes would stay that way but they most definitely have. He's perfect in my eyes. He's quiet, and shy towards strangers, and quick to learn new tricks. He's got a great nose and intuitive.

He was with me in my room one day and he started crying/whining for no reason. I kept petting him and trying to offer some comfort. I started carrying him throughout the house with me while he whined. When I got into the kitchen there was smoke everywhere and it was coming out of the oven! I opened the windows and doors and let the smoke clear out and he stopped crying.

He was an excellent student in puppy school, the trainers were even surprised. Theodore receives compliments wherever we go and some people ask what breed he is because they don't believe he's a dachshund, which I think is plainly obvious, with the short legs and long body.

Ever since I got Theodore I've looked in on your website frequently. When I saw Stormy's little boy I was awed. All your puppies are extraordinary, there's no denying that, but sometimes one puppy really stands out (in my case two). For me that was Theodore and Stormy's number two pup. He looks beautiful! I couldn't wait around and risk someone else taking him.

I've been to your kennels before and I can still remember clearly when I went to pick up Theodore. The pictures on the website didn't do him justice. When I saw him for the first time in person he was beyond what I imagined and I'll assume that's what will happen with Stormy's pup. I would like to thank you, and show my deepest gratitude for uniting me and my kiddo (Theodore). He's much more to me than just a dog and I look forward to this new pup. I was thinking about naming him Roosevelt. Clever, right?


Elly Z.
Roosevelt 2-21-11, 3 1/2 weeks old
Theodore at five months old
Theodore coming home!
Wanted to second Gail's comments regarding the Rockingchair Mamas. I picked up Maxine (2/26/11) as part of this year's Valentine's Day contest. She sat contently on my 8 Y.O. daughter's lap all the way back to NM, that being a 5 hr drive. She gets along well with my 3 other dachshunds and has taken well to my young children. She still is a little scared but so far, doing very well. She loves laying next to me on the couch and likes our big backyard. I have a dog door and she's already figured that out. Hey folks, puppies are cute but they aren't the end-all-be-all. Why not adopt an older dog and give them a well deserved retirement? There is nothing wrong with the older dogs. Maxine is very sweet and quite loving. I'll give her a few weeks and she'll be comfortable and completely relaxed with her new surroundings. - Liz B.
April 4, 2011 - Good morning!

My babies are 15 months now. They have changed so much. I wanted to show you the difference. They are just beautiful!

Sammy (black and white) is Dagwood and Blazing Star’s little boy and Maggie Grace is Peaches and Buck’s little girl. She has changed the most. I attached the first photos I saw of them on your site.

They are such hams and so much fun. Sammy is not as photogenic as Maggie Grace but he’s too cute for words!

Our 6 year old Sheltie loves taking care of them. Their ears are always clean. They’re all so sweet together. Maggie Grace seems to be the ring leader and what she says goes, the boys just follow along.

There’s always danger to be tended to. Whether it’s a human leisurely walking past the house or the ever terrifying bird on a wire, the three of them make sure we are protected and that the neighbors know all is well!

Thank you again so much for all your hard work and careful attention to matchmaking ;)

Have a fabulous day!

Maria A.

On 4/21/2011, Mary G. wrote in our Guestbook:

I have 2 Flickennel doxies I got on 2/JAN/09. They are Freckles & Hootie Bear, (her name was Freckles when I got her - BOTH dogs were named Freckles!). They are both loving living the Lower Keys lifestyle since I moved to Key West earlier this year. They are wonderful girls & I love them so much!

Dear Mrs. Flick,
Recently in the past December, my parents and I got a dog from you. She is brown and a tan like color. The sire I believe was Harley (I think that was his name), and the dam was named Monique. We named our sweet little girl from you guys Charlee.

The black and brown one we got four years ago. His name is Joey. We got him in Hannah, Wyoming when my dear grandmother was looking for a puppy, she came across Joey and his brother. Joey's brother is rather...well......I should say.... chubby. His name is Peter. I am not sure of their parents, but my grandmother says that they was beautiful!
I just thought you might want to see how our little squirt Charlee was doing. Thank you so very much for giving my inspirational pup, Charlee.

- Skyler G
From our email Inbox, 5-24-11:

Hi Janet,

Wendy here, from Colorado Springs. We bought Lickota's little pup a few weeks back.

Her name is Patchouli, and she is the love of our life. We are having a great time with her, and she is doing just fabulous. Our boxer, Brigetta, is a best big buddy. They love to play and play. She knows her name, how to sit and wait for her food, where to go potty, and how to travel. I take her on hikes, in my purse, and we are getting ready to take the kids and the dogs back to California for a little vacation. Will show her off to my whole family!

Our visit to your kennel was just a joy! It was such fun to see all the dogs, and to get to know Lickota!

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that we are very pleased with our little Patchouli! And I really think, she is very pleased with us! :)

Thank you,
From our email, 6-12-2011:

Raindrop and I made it home safe and sound! These pics were just too cute not to send.

I can't believe how fast Ollie has taken to his new little sister. They are just like two peas in a pod! Thank you so much for this wonderful little girl. She will only ever know love and a great home and I'm glad she had one to start off in with you!

Lindsey F.
Emailed 6-8-2011:

Hello Janet,

I thought you'd enjoy seeing a few photos of our little solid black puppy from Ringo and Sweet Pea's litter born January 17. His name is Cash, and as you can see, he fits in quite well. He's a good boy and is doing just fine in his new home. He loves his brothers, and it's fun to watch him while he's watching them.


Molly S

"Am I supposed to like him, Mom?"
"Is she for me?? Really???"
"He IS pretty nice."
"I DO like her!"
"Thanks, Mom!"

On August 4, 2012, we were privileged to host Virginia S., her daughter Avagrace (pictured above) and 3-year old son Liam at the kennel when they drove all the way out from Oklahoma City to pick up Pie Pie's last pup, which Virginia's 10-year old son Aidan plans to train to be a service/therapy dog to take to hospitals and visit children who have health disorders like Avagrace, who has a rare form of epilepsy and a dachshund service dog named Felicity that alerts her when she is about to have a seizure - she has had as many as 100 in a single day! (That's why she has to wear the helmet, so she's less likely to get hurt during a seizure.) Their new pup has been named Fritz, and we hear he is completely bonded with the family, fitting in like a dream. Virginia texted on their way home:

"I am completely and totally in love with him!! He is the SWEETEST dachshund I have EVER met! And that is a lot because my grandfather had a [dachshund] breeding program almost as big as yours!!! I am so so so grateful and cannot tell you how in love we all are!! He is a true BLESSING!!!!"

So, you see, dachshunds can fulfill many other roles than just being your typical lap dog and "carpet shark," cruising around for any morsels of food that got dropped, accidentally or on purpose! If someone tries to convince you that a dachshund can't be trained - remember Felicity and Fritz - and the dancing doxie video on our Just for Fun page!

From an 8-27-12 email:


I can't tell you how often I am snuggling with Minnie and I think about how thankful we are to have found your kennel. Minnie is the most gorgeous little miniature dachsie I have ever seen! She is black as can be in the house, but in the sunshine a tiny bit of chocolate. Her coat is extremely shiny. Her tail is long and skinny and is always moving. Her ears are perfectly floppy and soft and she has the most gorgeous little face. I get so many compliments when we are out with her and I am very quick to give Flick Kennel ALL of the credit. Not only that, she has been so healthy. We haven't had an ounce of trouble.

Minnie has a fantastic personality. She is extremely snuggly. She loves to hop onto the couch and jump onto my chest so she can rest her face against my cheek and go to sleep. She has a very natural tendency for submissiveness. Our favorite time with her is first thing in the morning. She rolls over and puts her little paws on our face to kiss us good morning. The newest excitement around here are the two squirrels that visit our deck many times per day. Minnie has a great time watching them and chasing them across the yard. And of course, she loves to torment our poor old lady dachsie Sammy who will be 14 soon. Sammy is very tolerant and will let Minnie climb on her and bite her. Well, most of the time, anyway. Finally, Minnie is absolutely adorable with our kids. She doesn't mind a bit that they like to pick her up and carry her around. She loves our oldest son so much and climbs all over him when he comes home from school.

Thank you so much for breeding such a precious little girl. We are so grateful to have her in our home and as part of our family. I can promise you that we will never go anywhere else for a dachshund puppy. And I hope that any prospective customers will be able to read these reviews and feel confident that getting a puppy from Flick Kennel is the only way to go!


The Stanz Family
Parker, CO
Our new friends at Sedona Miniatures in New South Wales, Australia, compiled a charming thank-you, using pictures of the two girls they got from us in 2011, and the newest of the pups they've had since then. We are so pleased that Sue-Ellen preferred our dachshunds over all the others she researched in America, and she really did her due diligence before making her final decisions! She was so thrilled, she kept her eyes on our website (except when working on her own lovely website!) and pounced on two of our loveliest pups of 2013, besides bragging on us to a fellow dachshund breeder in another part of Australia, to the point that he also decided he needs to inject a little Flickennel magic into HIS breeding program! Consequently, there will be three new additions to the Aussie dachshund gene-pool arriving in early 2014 - the preparation for shipment can take several months, what with timing of vaccinations and then testing the titer levels from them.

So we will have sent Australia's VERY FIRST blue & tan, the first (and second!) black & tan mottled dapple, ​​the first isabella & tan mottled dapple, and the first blue & tan reverse dapple, when this summer's purchases finally arrive "Down Under." Australia is officially under invasion by the Wunder-Wieners from Flickennel! 
We purchased our dachshund last November [2012] from Flickennel - he is such a great joy to have around. We named him Bentley and he's such a happy dog. Bentley loves to chase rabbits when we take him on walks and he is great around other people and other dogs. He is full of energy and loves to play fetch with his ball and other toys. The pictures are of Bentley at my son's football practice and Bentley sporting his Broncos gear. We hope to purchase another dachshund from Janet soon.

Thank You Flickennel!

Spencer H. and family
Hello Flickennel! Feb. 5, 2014

I came and got a puppy from you guys a year and 8 months ago from Sapphire and Schatzi, I named him Moose and he's my whole life. You might remember me, I was the ridiculous crying college girl that left in a puddle of tears after you handed me my dog. Anyway he is so amazing and gorgeous everyone who meets him is in awe. After getting him my mother ended up getting two wiener dogs because she learned she loved them so much. He is so smart and snuggly. He also has competed in the Wiener Dog Races twice now and I noticed that he is in the video that is on your website! Small world!  He comes in 1st place in the first video, 2nd in the other one and you can hear me and my friends calling his name. I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me such a blessing. You really have no idea what you've given me!   :-)

Laken H.
This was an unsolicited Customer Business Review on the Southern Colorado Better Business Bureau website:

We have purchased 3 dogs from Flick Kennel and have been happy with the quality of the dogs. We asked questions when we were told we couldn't access the kennel area and were given reasonable answers. Any dog we were interested in seeing was brought to the showing room. We got two puppies about two years apart and an adult dog for my disabled daughter. All of the dogs have wonderful personalities. We had no serious health issues when we brought them home and were not lied to about anything. The kennel is AKC registered which means that they are inspected on a surprise basis and the state does inspections as well. The name of the vet is very accessible and we asked for pictures of the adult dog as a pup just for fun and they were more than happy to make us copies. It is a mountain kennel and in that setting you sometimes have issues like parasites in the water but we didn't see anything that was an ongoing problem, in fact, we see an ongoing effort on their part to be sure that dogs are treated or given preventatives for those things. It is not a puppy mill and they breed with outside dogs a lot of the time and keep records of dogs backgrounds so that they don't crossbreed. It is to their advantage to pay attention to that. They seem to care about the animals and the people they sell to. We have been very satisfied with our little pups.

​reviews from L. M., lcglaze@*****.com (zip code: 80526) on 01/29/2014​ (particulars omitted to protect privacy)

Anyone else who would like to send a favorable business review is gratefully encouraged to do so! ​​- Janet & staff
Hi Janet,

I’m finally getting around to letting you know how wonderfully little Nicole, now Maisy Faye, is doing. She’s the sweetest, smartest, prettiest doxie! She wipes up the classroom at her training classes and we’re starting into freestyle dancing together very soon. She gets so excited about her training and is the most enthusiastic pup I’ve ever worked with. She adapted to our home so quickly (and contrary to what I read on your site, she had no problem with carpeting or grass, lol). She LOVES our big backyard and hunts squirrels all day long whenever she can. Her temperament amazes me. I have never met a sweeter animal. She wakes up every morning so happy to see us and her brother Mowgli (a black and tan short hair) and slathers all of us with kisses, excited to start her day. She has been the easiest puppy I have raised; little chewing or destruction and she learns so quickly. She’s naturally obedient. She is already 14 pounds at 10 months and stays quite slim (all that squirrel hunting helps!). I can’t tell you how much joy she has brought into our home. I will definitely get my next (and next and next) doxie from Flick Kennel. Thank you for this amazing little girl!

Nancy S. in Seattle - 10-13-14

[Maisy Faye is a red whitened-dapple daughter of Annie Oakley & Cash, born 10-22-13.]​​
Hi, Janet - here are some current pictures of our little girls - we love them! They're both very smart, affectionate, and rewarding. We don't know what we did without them.

Our little girls learned collars, leashes, stairs, they love walks in the park and are the best dogs in a car we've ever seen. Heidi is house trained, or maybe we are by knowing when it's time. Sugarbaby can't make it through the night, but knows the training pad is for her - all is well. Heidi goes right out and does her business. Have a great day! Man, they're fun!

​​ Chris & Jack

[Heidi & Sugarbaby are retired mamas, and these pictures were sent August 30, 2014.]​​

Hi there! I wanted to take the time to tell you how much we love our dachshund Bentley! We just got him on Monday [2-23-15], and he already fits right in. He's cuddled up on my lap right now as I type this. Bentley is so well behaved. We had to drive three hours to get home, and he slept the entire way. When we got home he instantly loved our basset hound Bella! He already goes outside to potty, and cries when he has to go. We are calling him the wonder dog because he's such a good boy. His temperament is amazing, and he has the cutest personality ever! He likes to prance around in the snow, and he's so fun to watch. We are pleased to say he is a happy, and healthy little guy!

We're amazed with Bentley. He sleeps all night, and doesn't make a peep! Over all he's truly the perfect pup for us! It's fun to watch him play, and enjoy life! He also loves to cuddle, it so cute! I want to thank you for Bentley!! He's one of the best decisions we've ever made. We would like to train him to be a service dog. I know his laid back spirit would be perfect for the job! Bentley's brought us so much joy already, and we want others to experience that as well. I'm so proud to call him mine.


Missy, Shellie, Doug, and Bentley!  [Received 2-28-15]
In 2010 we sold Cali (black & tan mottled dapple longhair female, Apricot Brandy & Cash) and Cheyenne (blue & tan smooth female, Blue Sky & Buck) to Sedona Miniature Dachshunds in Australia, and in 2013 we sold AJ (chocolate & tan reverse-dapple LH male, Candy & Rambo) and Aspen (blue & tan reverse-dapple LH female, Fawn & Sparky), flying them "Down Under" in 2014 along with Kiowa, a Candy & Rambo blue & tan reverse-dapple LH female (litter-mate sister to AJ), to another dachshund breeder in Australia. Please, click on this link to Sedona Miniature Dachshunds to see how our dogs have thrived and produced some spectacular pups for our Aussie friends!

Here are some pictures of Kiowa, living now in northeastern Australia, and her first litter of pups:​​
Kiowa before she flew away.
Kiowa in Australia.
Please bear with us while we do some remodeling and refurbishing of this page. There are more OLD testimonials below, awaiting repositioning, and we have some newer ones to post.
Hello! I sent you a previous email about our cream puppy, Piper, a while back, but I wanted to let you know how she is doing. Piper is the sweetest and prettiest dachshund we have ever owned and it's such a joy to have her. She is best friends with our six-month-old Great Pyrenees (I know, an odd match) and they play together all of the time! Piper also loves to "tuck us in" at night. When we get in bed she will snuggle vigorously and then sleep at the end of the bed (unless, of course, she gets cold!). I just wanted to send you recent pictures and thank you again for such a wonderful girl! :)

~Debra and M'Kenzie

Piper is a daughter of Lucely & Butternutz, born 5/27/14.
Texas life seems to suit her quite well!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

​Tulip is doing exceptionally well in her retirement home. She is the BEST dog I have ever brought home - zero accidents, and she's learned to walk on lead with no tugging on her harness! Tulip is the happiest dog - her tail is always wagging, she is friendly to her new brother Hooter, my 10 yr old doxie, and everyone she meets. It is evident that she has been well socialized and cared for. To anyone looking for a doxie, you can be assured that Janet's description was very accurate: Tulip is "spunky and full of love". So true! She enjoys exploring the garden and naps on my lap. She's discovered the joy of running around after birds (which, lucky for them, can fly). You should consider one of Flickennel's older dogs. I can't think of anywhere else to get such a well- bred, well-behaved and cared for little doggie-friend!

I have to add: Hooter is a shelter dog, purebred, but he came with issues, and I spent a fortune ($100.00 per hour with a trainer!) and a year for him to adapt and be the loving good boy that he is now. This may sound cruel but getting your new adult fur friend from Janet will be a lot easier on you and the dog than getting one from a shelter. Unlike Hooter, Tulip has not been neglected or worse. At 6 yrs old she has never been scolded, never peed in a house and never had her leash yanked at - never left alone in fearful situations. This is why she has adapted and learned leash and house training in a few days! I realize each dog is different, but just think about that! Also I must mention breeding: if you love a dachshund's funny, brave and sweet disposition, you can be assured that your dog from this kennel is "true to breed" with all the desired characteristics - Janet is a very talented person this way. The hardest thing for me to teach in one of my classes in the concept of "heritability" (having to do with inherited traits), she totally gets! She goes all the way to see that her retired dogs get good homes - she helped me arrange for a family member to bring Tulip to me as I would have had issues making the drive, and she sent a care package for Tulip with one of her blankets - that Tulip loved to have in her new bed!

Thank you again, Janet! I honestly think that Tulip will rival my beloved Truman to be the "dog of my life."
Grand Junction

Hi Janet,                                          6-26-15

​We adopted Harpo, Oprah's son. He will be two in August. We named him Milo and we just adore him! He has such a sweet personality, is so loving and loves to cuddle. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful dog and he loves his new home with a yorkie and a golden retriever. They are all good friends!

Jeanne Boylan

A note in the Inbox on 7-19-15:

Hello Gramma Janet!

Just wanted to say " hi " and let you know I am a happy doxie and love my "fur"ever family.
Thanks for being there for all the dachshund lovers. You are the best!

Wuv U,
Shalom (pictured at right, son of Strawberry & Blue, born 4-4-10)
Colorado Springs
Hello Janet,

I hope all is well! I just wanted to drop you a note with a couple of photos of our two Flick dachshunds. These two are just the sweetest, calmest, smartest dogs, and we are so impressed with their temperaments. We are so lucky to have them in our family!

Cash is our four-year-old, dark-as-night, solid black male out of Sweet Pea and Ringo, and Agnes is our almost-one, blue and tan piebald female out of Topsy and Dash.

I hope you enjoy seeing these two together! They absolutely adore each other, and we adore them!

Molly S.

P.S. Cash and Agnes have awesome teeth! They're amazing!
Our family got two dogs from you in the last two years - Maude (grey-blue with some brown, picked up in Summer 2014) and Matilda (or "Tilly" as we call her, white with black spots and ticking, picked up in Summer 2015). We wanted to let you know how awesome they are.

Maude was much more energetic than our older dogs (Shiloh and Dexter, two Chihuahua-dachshund mixes, and Gracie, an all-black long-hair dachshund) and was quite fun. When we brought Tilly home Maude immediately bonded with her, and the two have been bosom buddies for months now. Tilly has stayed quite small, compared to Maude, but holds her own when they play and tussle. They also love spending time together in a greenhouse window which gets morning sun (photo attached) and barking at passers-by.

My mom Sue has been sick for several months and we are approaching the end with her. She has been at home for the past month and the only thing she wanted while she was in the hospital was to be with her dogs. She was very insistent that I let you know how much she treasures Maude and Tilly; my dad Rick has also fallen in love with the two little wieners and they will be well-loved even after Mom passes.

Thanks again for raising such good dogs and taking care of them like you do. Maude and Tilly are going to be buddies for years and brought us all much love and joy and laughter.

- Travis Klempan
Baby Maude
Baby Tilly
Tilly & Maude
Received via email, 3-10-16:

I wanted to give you an update on the [Champagne & Shotgun] puppy we picked up Jan 15. Bijou is doing really well in the house with the other dogs and I've even taken her to the office a few times. She has the most amazing personality. I'm so happy to be paired with her, and she gets so much love. And you were right about her special blue eye, everyone compliments it and the other stayed a nice dark grey blue. We will definitely contact you when we're looking for our next dachshund in a few years. Adam is dying to have a Black and Tan wirehair so we'll give you plenty of notice when we start thinking about it. ~ Emelia J.