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Would you believe there's a museum dedicated to DACHSHUNDS?! Well, there is! Check it out here:  https://people.com/pets/germany-dog-museum-dackelmuseum-dachshund-breed/

On the spellings of “DACHSHUND”
by John Jeanneney

I was never a very orthodox speller myself, but the creative talent I’ve encountered in e-mail and over the phone astounds me. The various spellings of “dachshund” reveal so much about the deeper yearnings of the human heart.

I talked to a guy over the phone about his desire for a DASHOUND. He was into racing, dogs not cars. He feared that greyhound racing would be outlawed in his state, and he had heard about dashound racing. He wanted to hedge his bets.

An e-mail correspondent was a bit confused. He wasn’t sure whether he wanted a dog or a car. But he did know that it had to be a DATSUN.

I talked with an old New England logger, who had used oxen all his life to snake logs out of the woods. Now he was retiring and he wanted a DOXEN for companionship because his wife was so boring.

A hardworking man told me his pension plan had been wiped out in the great financial crash of 2008. Since no one could spare him a thousand he would settle for a DAUSAND.

Of course there were also some people with nothing much on their mind at all. They used all sorts of silly, meaningless spellings such as: DOXSUND, DASHUND and DACHSHUN.

After this spelling review, I fear that some of us will never be able to spell the breed name of this important breed in the “orthodox” manner. Here is a memory aid. DACHS is German for badger, one of the animals that dachshunds were and are used to hunt underground in their dens. HUND is simply the German word for dog. DACHSHUND = BADGER DOG. Got it?

Source of article: BORN-TO-TRACK BLOG

Source of image (below, left): http://www.teckel-vom-bruchsee.de/infosarchiv.htm

                                          DOXIE MOXIE!

Once upon a time, a Rottweiler, a Poodle, and a Dachshund threw off their earthly existence and found themselves standing before the throne of God.

God questioned the three dogs. “What do you believe in?” he asked.

“I believe in discipline and loyalty to my owner,” replied the Rottweiler.

“Very good!” God replied, “Come and sit on my right.”

“I believe in beauty, sweetness, and elegance,” said the Poodle.

“Very good!” God said again, “Come and sit on my left.”

God then turned his gaze to the Dachshund.

“I believe that you are in my seat!” said the Dachshund.

Working badger-hunting wirehair dachshund.

The well-dressed city-slicker badger-hunting dachshund.

Dachshund shopping trips!

You be mean and ferocious - I'll be sweet and cuddly!

Can you see the ice cream truck YET?

Strangely, the German team

has never come close to winning

the Iditarod sled-dog race. . .