Our Own Veterans Memorial

Our Own Veterans Memorial

This page is our tribute to veterans we - and you - have known and loved: family and friends who have served our great nation. We know there have been, and continue to be, millions of ordinary (and some extraordinary) folks who have set aside other occupations and dreams, who've said their good-byes to loved ones, and gone off to wear their country's various uniforms, in war-time as well as in more peaceful periods. Thankfully, most came back; sadly, many did not. This page is our message of respect and gratitude to each one who has worn the American flag on his or her uniform, but especially to those who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our land.

Please, email us some photos of your veteran(s) and a little write-up about when and where they served and what they did, so it can be posted here. We will be PROUD to do so, and we salute each and every one. In addition to providing a comforting place of remembrance, pride, and honor for the survivors of each veteran, we hope this page may become a small resource for others who may be seeking information about someone with whom they served, to know what ever happened to a buddy, a shipmate, a comrade-in-arms.

This is, above all, a website about dogs, and there have been many canine members of our armed forces that have served heroically. If you donated one, trained one, worked with one, or adopted one, please share their story and photos with us, too!

Photo by David Burbank

Cemetery in Danby State Forest, NY

This page has been in my mind for a while, but what prompted its actual creation was the recent death of the 98-year-old father of one of our puppy-buyers. Ret. Lt. Col. Paul Hitchcock was a United States Marine combat fighter-pilot who devoted 31 years to his nation, in WWII, Korea, and two tours in Vietnam.